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Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case
Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Luxury Red Leather iPad Mini Case Example Scuffs (Khaki Shown)

Leather iPad 2&3 Mini - Royal Red (Sold As Seen)

Regular Price: £69.95

Now £29.95

Out of stock

Regular Price: £69.95

Now £29.95

Out of stock

Product code: P026-34-W
Product code: P026-34-W

Regular Price: £69.95

Now £29.95

Out of stock



Our Super-Slim New iPad Mini Smart Case, or smart cover, is the best luxury leather iPad Mini hard case on the market.

Compatible with BOTH iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina, our cases are 100% handcrafted from Genuine Italian Leather Exterior, our iPad Mini cases are less than half an inch thin and are made from a strong carbon-fiber body, wrapped with supple leather lined and soft suedette to protect your iPad Mini.

Gently snap in your iPad Mini into our slim-line case for dual viewing angles ideal for FaceTime, Apple Maps or notes. The wide base is also perfect for viewing movies on uneven or soft surfaces, and supports pro-ergonomic typing.

The smart cover feature of the iPad Mini Case puts your iPad Mini into sleep mode and extends in-case battery life by up to 20%.

We're confident you'll love our New iPad Smart Covers, but if for any reason you don't think they're as great as we do, we offer a 14 day return policy and a lifetime warranty.

Please note that these iPad cases fit perfectly but has a few minor scuffs from being in our warehouse. This product is sold as-is. For images of examples of the scuffs on this product, please see the images. There is a very limited quantity of these products, after which they will be no-longer available.


Additional Info

Specification - Compatible with iPad Mini 1, and iPad Mini 2&3 Retina
- 100% Genuine Italian Leather Exterior
- Luxuriously Lined With Soft Suedette Interior
- 2 Viewing Angles for FaceTime Calls and Movie Viewing
- 1 Ergonomic Typing Angle
- Smart Cover function Extends battery life by putting your iPad mini on sleep when the cover is closed
- Wide Base stand for stable viewing on uneven surfaces


Customer Review
I received my case today and am extremely impressed with the look and quality!

I am switching from the Otterbox. Even though I know my iPad is safe in an Otterbox, I wanted something that looks more professional and stylish.

I was going to buy a Burberry case which costs over $250 more, and I think this Pipetto case looks and feels WAY better than the Burberry case for iPad Mini.

If you are looking for a quality, good-looking, case for you mini give one of these a try! (Posted on 16/10/2013)
Search over!Review by Maria Hopwood
Customer Review
I've been looking for a lovely but practical leather cover to complement my iPad mini - ie making the most of it's usability and aesthetic qualities - and, for me, this red leather one does the job perfectly. A robust case - minus the bulk - so my iPad mini feels solidly protected without too much added thickness. The 'claws' which hold the tablet in place are minimalist but entirely secure; the variable stand options are a significant improvement on other covers I've tried and the sleep closure works perfectly. My one negative comment is that one of the 'claws' slightly obscures one of the speaker outlets on the tablet but it doesn't seem to be affecting the sound that much. Of course, with speakers attached, this wouldn't be an issue. All in all I'm absolutely delighted with this cover and think that it's well worth the price tag.

This has been my first purchase from Pipetto and I would just like to say that I think the swift product delivery and little added customer service touche are noteworthy - thank you very much and I shall be back soon for an iPhone5 case. (Posted on 27/08/2013)
Stylish yet functional (Amazon Review)Review by Rustem
Customer Review
I love this thing.

- excellent protection of both front and back (VERY hard covers)
- corners are also very well protected by the 'claws' that hold the iPad in place
- the whole front and sides of the iPad are exposed when you open the case, so the look is not spoilt, while buttons, the switch, etc. are very easy to access (which is a problem with all 'slide-in' cases)
- sleep/wake function works flawlessly - you don't even need to close the case completely for the function to work
- Never seen an iPad stand so securely. Also, when you prop it up for typing, it bounces a little bit as you type, which feels really cool.
- closes super-securely. Essentially, as long as it's closed, you may not worry about your iPad falling even on concrete floor.
- feels and smells like fine leather.

- adds to the thickness quite a bit. The iPad in the case is probably about twice as thick as it is without. I personally like that, but you might not.
- somewhat hard to open (closes a bit TOO securely). I find it nearly impossible to open with one hand. Granted, that might eventually disappear as the 'claw' gets a little softer from constant use.
- Not super-easy to change from 'closed' position to vertical or typing, as you need to disengage two of the claws on the left hand side. It could be that over time time this would soften the 'claws', so the iPad wouldn't be held in place as securely.
- When you open the case and flip the front cover to the back, its 'claw' is a little intrusive. I really don't know why they made it so big. Makes it difficult to hold the iPad in the left hand.

Overall, really great case and stylish accessory. Does have the premium look and feel, though IMO the brand's prestige level is nowhere near to that of, say, LV... Probably not even Michael Kors or Paul Smith, because Pipetto seem to focus pretty much entirely on gadget accessories, whereas the other brands made their names elsewhere. But I guess it does have some 'small and little-know brand' appeal. And it does attract people's attention, which is probably the single biggest purpose that a case for £70 is meant to serve. (Posted on 15/08/2013)
Premium leather product (Amazon Review)Review by Stuart Rennie
Customer Review
Very red (cool), very stylish and very much a premium product - delighted. This is exactly what I was looking forward. Next day delivery on prime... (Posted on 15/08/2013)
OOZES LUXURY - SMALL, NEAT AND PROTECTSReview by R. G. Williams "raywilliams12"
Customer Review
Before I used the Pipetto Luxury ipad min case, I was using a case that folded in all the right places, had a back hand grip and also fully protected my ipad mini by way of sliding the ipad mini into it.

On opening the Pipetto, apart from the wonderful smell of leather when I pressed close for quick whiff, I thought is that it? Why? because it is very slim, it has a rather basic design..but it works perfectly.

Firstly the exterior is high quality brown Italian leather that feels smooth and luxurious and as mentioned earlier smells of quality leather. The leather covers a firm and solid casing that ensures your ipad mini is protected from being dropped and it closes snug and quite tight using a leather grip.

When opening the cover, I was a little surprised to start with to notice it wasn't a slide in cover, your ipad mini is gripped strongly by leather tab in each corner that hold it tight and firm. These tabs do not encroach much onto the screen which means the whole screen is available to you which makes it much easier to use than cases where you slide your ipad in. You can touch all of the screen and adjust volume and on/off very easily. The case has a cut out for the camera on the read and access for the charger is simple and uncluttered with edgings or anything.

The case has three settings to stand the ipad for viewing and all three work perfectly, enabling it to stand solidly with no kink or sloping. This is because the cover interior is very robust. I found all three settings comfortable viewing angles. To access the viewing angles, you simply flick the ipad out of two of the corner leather tabs and then slide it into position - simple.

Holding the ipad in your cover is comfortable when looking down on it, but when lying in bed and holding it up slightly a an angle, I found the smooth cover on the back and the ipad screen glass a bit slippery and uncomfortable compared to other cases, with more grip points - but this is a minor point.

Overall, I love this cover and it looks sophisticated, smells wonderful and does a great job. (Posted on 01/08/2013)
Utterly gorgeous, high quality, great designReview by Gabrielle O
Customer Review
... I nearly cried when I had to test this out on my favourite boy's iPad Mini. I only have a big clunky iPad. I used to like it because it had a big screen. Now I look covetously at favourite boy's iPad Mini in its gorgeous Pipetto leather case. Sigh. C'est la vie.

This is a really beautifully designed, high quality, useable bit of kit. I was slightly appalled when I saw the cost of the Pipetto cover, but really impressed by the quality and style of the product itself. There are few fussy little details and the iPad mini fits easily and seamlessly into the case. All of the buttons are easy to access and use. When closed, the case protects the tablet well. More importantly, perhaps, it looks the business. I'm almost tempted to get another case... to protect the beauty of the Pipetto case... but no, that would be madness. And I'm sure the leather cover will weather nicely and any little scuffs and stains will lend it character. (Posted on 01/08/2013)

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